اسپو ، همه چیز به حقیقت می پیوندد



The success that Espo has achieved over more than a decade in providing engineering and consulting services in the country is the result of the efforts of committed and expert colleagues who strive to achieve their goals.


Why choose Espo

The atmosphere of Espo's activities is dynamic and uplifting, at the same time law-oriented and customer-oriented. Adherence to human values ​​precedes any other principle that defines the framework of spore activities.
Clarity and transparency, friendship and intimacy, mutual respect, participation in group activities and group cohesion, teaching, and learning, criticism, and flexibility are the hallmarks of the space that governs Espo activities.


How to cooperate

If you would like to work with Espo, please send your resume in Persian or English to the following email address.

Our colleagues in the Human Resources Unit will contact you after the necessary examinations, according to the needs of the organization and the vacancies.